Friday, July 29, 2011

Chemo is Working

Since my last posting, I have had 3 more chemo treatments with the 5th one on Wed July 27.  Only had one bad day during the month on July 19th when I had to get an IV of fluids while at the clinic for a scheduled appointment.  Seems like I got dehydrated from the previous days of high temps and humidity.  We had water in our basement from about 8" of rain during the previous weekend and were setting up the garage for a sale.  I must have overdone it and was really weak and tired by the Tuesday appointment.

Anyway, on Tuesday this week, July 26, I had a PET-CT scan before my BMT clinic checkup for my chemo session scheduled on Wednesday.  While at my chemo treatment, my BMT Dr stopped by and confirmed that the PET Scan showed no evidence of active cancer cells where the original biopsies indicated or elsewhere from my "eyes to thighs".  He said that almost all patients who have this good of a PET scan after only 2 cycles of chemo (4 treatments) fully recover from Hodgkins.  My sister went through this same process and experience with her Hodgkins and is cancer free today.  I still need to go through 4 more cycles of chemo to make sure the stuff is killed for good.  Thankfully, my reaction to the chemo and followup drugs has been good.  I am essentially feeling as well as I have in the past 4 years since my BMT.

Praise the Lord.  He must have more for me to do here on earth.

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