Friday, May 16, 2008

One year milestone

I should have posted this a week ago, but wanted to see the results first. I had a bone marrow biopsy on May 9 which was the anniversary of my transplant last year plus also my 60th birthday. I also had a phlebotomy on Friday to reduce my iron buildup. Over the weekend, my sinus drainage got worse and I had a slight fever Saturday night. Tylenol took care of the fever but I also continued with sinus drainage, a cough and some wheezing. I saw the Dr on Tuesday afternoon at which time he said that the biopsy was all clear, but that I had a touch of pneumonia. I am now on Azithromycin as well as my other medications.

The Viokase that was prescribed for my pancreatitis has cleared up my diarrhea. Dr is not sure how long I will have to take it. It is like all the other medicines that I am on. We will taper off the meds and see if any symptoms come back. I have now reduced my prednisone down to 30mg every other day.

My blood counts remain about the same with only low platelets being a problem. My INR (blood clotting) was a little low, but is affected by the multivitamin and antibiotics that I am taking. I am having more problems with dry eyes which seem to be getting worse. Overall, it is chronic graft versus host disease that continues to cause my problems and will for the rest of my life.

Through all of this, I continue get around and am enjoying life. I attended a two day workshop at the University, taking just a couple of hours off for my Dr appointment on Tuesday. My son and I also went to a Twins game on Monday night when I didn't realize that I had pneumonia. Last night, I took a short bike ride and hope to extend that some each day. Both my son and daughter will be around for the Summer as we need to help my wife recover from a knee replacement surgery planned for June 20.