Saturday, August 18, 2007

BMT + 100 days

Actually my 100th day since the bone marrow transplant passed a few days ago, so I have made it pretty far since entering the hospital on May 1. I had my 9th bone marrow biopsy on Thursday when they tried some new needles which seemed to work better. My biggest problem with the biopsy is lying in a cramped position which affects my arthritic knees. The quicker it goes, the better. I get some results back on Tuesday but don't expect any surprises.

I am feeling much better the last couple of weeks and am starting to get out. Did some shopping for a car battery and carpet for our washroom. Dr says I can stop using the mask and go to church on Sunday. Hope to see some of you there. We also plan to take a trip to the cabin in Bemidji next week. This will be the first time for me since Andrew and I were there in April and saw the ice go out. All of my care givers go back to teaching or attending school in a couple of weeks, but I am getting pretty independent and now driving as well.

While I am proceeding with applications for long-term disability and social security, I may be back to work before mid-October. Still need to taper medications and see how I react to the changes plus build up my endurance. A short trip out shopping or working around the house still tires me out. Still need approval from the Dr before going back to work

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

BMT + 3 months

It will be three months tomorrow since the first day of my BMT on May 8th. Besides the GvHD which seems to be coming under control, I am feeling pretty good. I have stopped losing weight and starting to gain again. Due to the prednisone, I have an appetite, somewhat uncontrollable. I am starting a taper of the prednisone from 90 mg every day to 40 mg on alternating days. I have little nausea and normal bowel and urinary functions.

My blood counts were all within reason today though platelets and hemoglobin are still a little low. I did not need any fluids today, but there is still a question about a possible blood infection. So for the first time since May 2, all tubes have been removed. The PICC line that was put in several weeks ago was removed so next time they will start picking me with IV needles again.

But for the first time, I don't have an appointment for a whole week. The Dr says that I can even leave town and travel to the lake cabin in another week. Possibly in a couple of weeks, I can get out in public as well. It all depends on how things improve further. I did make it to the neighborhood party this evening though wore my mask and did not shake any hands.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

35W Bridge

Just a note that we are all safe after the collapse of the 35W bridge yesterday. We had many calls from relatives since we drive close to it for every doctor appointment. We drive down either Washington Ave or University Ave near each end of the bridge though rarely cross the 35W bridge itself. Just last week, Anna and I drove across as we detoured to stop at the Dinkytown post office. Now have to contend with detours on the Washington Ave side from I-94. Our prayers go out to all the affected families.

I just got back from an appointment where things are going better still. Got some more fluids and they took some more blood cultures to check on the previous infection. I am back on GenGraf since my kidney function has improved and will start a taper on the prednisone next week.