Thursday, July 30, 2009

High Cholesterol

As a further complication in my medical situation, I now have high cholesterol. Probably have had it for some time because I just got tested relative to my diabetes. Some of my original MPD meds suppressed it. Anyway, my total cholesterol is 252 mg/dl where recommended level is less than 200. So now, I have an new medicine, Simvastatin , to take once a day. I had to drop my Fluconazole because of serious interaction with the statin. So I keep the same number of pills per day, about 20 with the Viokase which I take with meals. I am now totally confused as to what I can eat and need to plan my diet better.

On a positive light, my ferritin (iron) level is 2618, down from as high as 11,000. The normal range is 20 to 300 so I have a way to go. I had another phlebotomy this morning in a continuing effort to lower the iron in my body. In contrast, my wife has been to the same clinic to get an iron transfusion since her iron is too low.

I have another appointment with my liver doctor next week so should learn more about how I cope with the diet issues between iron overload, pancreatitis, diabetes and high cholesterol.