Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Iron Levels Reduced

I am on a schedule of Dr. appointments every two months, but still have a monthly treatment of Pentamidine nebulizer for my lungs.  I had my Dr appt last week and the nebulizer today.  Most importantly, I got the results of my blood tests from last week and my ferritin level was down to 970ng/ml.  Normal is at most 200 and it was 1556 two months ago.  That's a drop of 586 in 8 weeks or 76 ng/ml per week.  This is a little slower than it was earlier when it was dropping about 100 points per week.  I can look for my weekly phlebotomies for a few more months anyway.

The Dr has also reduced my prednisone to 15 mg every other day.  It was 20 mg and will reduce to 10 mg next month.  We will see how I fare at the lower levels.  Last year about this time I was down to 2.5 mg every other day when I was hospitalized with a bad bout of diarrhea and my prednisone was jumped back to 60 mg per day.  Hopefully, I can get off the prednisone and maybe the insulin as well.