Thursday, July 24, 2008

Taper Continues

Another month plus a few days have gone by since I last posted. Not much is changing on the health front. I continue to get my INR (blot clotting) checked monthly and get phlebotomies every 2 weeks. I just had one this afternoon. I saw my doctor on Tuesday and all blood tests are ok. Platelet count is still low, but hemoglobin is over 14. All medications are the same with only another reduction in the prednisone, now at 15 mg every other day, down from 20 mg. I continue on the Viokase before every meal and notice the effect if I miss taking it. My digestion of fats is affected and I experience diarrhea within 24 hrs. I am fortunate that I feel pretty good though realize that my immune system is still compromised.

When I am too active, my right knee complains due to arthritis. I am a little jealous of my wife's recent knee replacement surgery though she has gone through a tough month of recovery and therapy. On days without prednisone, I experience more fatigue. This morning I forced myself up at 6:30 for a breakfast Macintosh user meeting. That coupled with the phlebotomy, no prednisone plus too much spaghetti meant I needed a nap this evening.

But God is good. I am very fortunate to be able to complain a little after 4 years.