Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Belated status.

I just got a comment on this blog that I have neglected for almost 3 years.  Anyone still checking in may have thought that I died.  But Praise the Lord, I am still around and feeling better than I have since 10 years ago when I was first hospitalized with pulmonary embolism. Let me summary the past three years.

My chemo for Hodgkins was successful and in January 2012, I was finally able to wean off of taking any prednisone.  In fact, the day after I took the last prednisone, I went into insulin shock (hypoglycemia)  while watching the evening news. My wife called the paramedics who gave me a shot of glucose to raise my blood sugar. That was the last day that I took insulin.  I monitored my blood sugar for a month and was assured that I no longer had diabetes.

I was supposed to have my right knee replaced in 2004 and could not because of my other medical problems.  After 8 years of delay, my left knee was bad as well and I had both knees replaced in March 2012.  My cardiologist had recommended heart ablation for my atrial fibrillation but I had to delay that until March of 2013 due to the knee surgery.  Since then I have just been taking Sotolol and warfarin with no further signs of fibrillation.  I have a PET or CT scan every six months to check for any further problems.  I fully expect to have my gall bladder removed next since I had a small attack last Fall and the CT scan in May showed growing gall stones.  All blood test show normal levels.

So I may not post again but encourage all who read to have faith.  I did walk through the valley of the shadow of death and God has been with me the whole way.

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